When will I be charged?

For stores outside of Shopify, please email us at support@tonemessaging.com for any questions.

Shopify invoices are generated based on a 30-day billing cycle. You will be billed for your monthly Tone subscription every 30 days and the date you're charged is based on your Shopify subscription date. The charges will be facilitated by Shopify. 

To better understand this, assume your Shopify subscription begins on April 5th and you install Tone on the 20th of April. Your next bill for Tone for the period of 20th April to 20th May will show up on your Shopify bill for May (5th May to 3rd June).

Any overage charges are broken down on the Shopify invoices based on the Shopify billing timeframe. It is important to note that overages are charged daily and will be shown on your next Shopify invoice.

You are charged based on the pricing plan you select with a certain amount of messages. You will only incur overages if you exceed the selected number of messages in your plan. However, this can be easily adjusted from the Tone dashboard under Billing to avoid any overage charges. 

If you would like a more in-depth overview, you can check out this article on Shopify.


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