What is Tone's new pricing?

We are now offering a new and revamped tiered pricing model! 

The new pricing has 4 tiers and it is currently only available for new installs. You can manage it from your Tone dashboard under the Billing tab.

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Tip: Hover over the question mark to read more details about each of the components shown in the image above.

You will receive a 14-day free trial when you first install the app and will not be charged until the trial period ends. Once you select a plan, you will be asked to approve a 2x charge based on our estimate of your usage*. This charge is only an authorization so you’re not actually charged, and it renews every 30 days. 

*If you installed less than 30 days ago, the estimated usage will be based on cart count, assuming you will send one SMS campaign, one MMS campaign. A multiplier for Tone Replies (Superhuman responses) is also added based on the response volume we estimate.

If you installed more than 30 days ago, we look at your subscriber list and assume at least one SMS, one MMS campaign (if you send more than one, we look at actual campaign usage) will be sent as well as your abandoned cart volume. A multiplier for Tone Replies is also added based on the anticipated response volume.

You will be charged for your first plan fee (depending on the tier you choose) at midnight UTC on the day your free trial ends. You will start paying for the messages used at 8 p.m. (your store’s local time) on the same day, and this is a daily charge based on your usage.

To make any changes to your plan while in the free trial phase, you can do so at any time and the changes will take effect immediately. For any upgrades after the trial period, you will pay for the difference between your previous monthly plan fee and your new monthly plan fee.  New message rates will take effect after 8 p.m. (your store's local time). 

The downgrades won't take effect until the 1st of the next billing cycle, so if you downgrade on April 20th the new rates will apply on May 1st.

Details of each tier

Tier 1: 

Tier 1 does not have a plan fee and you pay based on the messages used. The rates per SMS, MMS, and Tone Replies (Superhuman responses) are higher for this tier. You will be charged $0.010 per SMS, $0.033 per MMS, and $0.75 per Tone Reply.

The services included in this tier include app support via email as well as access to all our offered Integrations

App Support via Email includes support provided by our customer service team if you are facing any issues while using our app. 
Integrations allow your business to grow and help you and manage the needs of your customers. Our current offered integrations include Klaviyo, Gorgias, Zendesk, and ReCharge.

Tier 2:

Tier 2 has a $29 monthly plan fee and for usage, you will be charged $0.009 per SMS, $0.031 per MMS, and $0.70 per Tone Reply. 

You will have access to app support via email, all integrations, and escalation via email. 

Escalations via email is a great service that helps our team reach out to you by sending a direct email to your customer service team or your preferred email address. Once we hear back from you, we reach back out to the customer with the answer.

Tier 3

Tier 3 has a $99 monthly plan fee and for usage, you will be charged $0.008 per SMS, $0.029 per MMS, and $0.65 per Tone Reply.

This tier includes app support via email, integrations, escalations via email, and a quarterly content strategy review.

Quarterly Content Strategy Review offers you to have a 1:1 meeting with our SMS sales expert to highlight campaign content to help you unleash higher sales volume. Our expert also advises on how to improve ROAS and ROI. 

Tier 4:

Tier 4 has a $249 monthly plan fee and for usage, you will be charged $0.007 per SMS, $ 0.027 per MMS, and $0.60 per Tone Reply.

This plan includes app support via email, integrations, escalations via email, quarterly content strategy review, post-purchase customer support + refunds/exchanges, a shared Slack channel, and custom training & workflows.

Post-purchase Customer Support + Refunds/Exchanges is a service exclusive to Tier 4. It allows you to expand your SMS support to your customers with post-purchase issues such as handling of refunds and exchange, editing/canceling orders, etc.

A Shared Slack Channel helps with all your questions and customer escalations and lets our Superhuman team handle them in real-time.

Custom Training & Workflows allow you to receive a designated customer support pro from our team to work with you to receive special training around particular products or company procedures. Our goal is to make our team feel like a part of yours


Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at support@tonemessaging.com