What are the CTIA guidelines?

What is the CTIA?

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) is a trade association for wireless carriers and mobile operators. They advocate for legislative and regulatory policies around text message marketing to ensure that consumers have choices and information regarding their wireless products and services.

What are the CTIA Guidelines?

While not a government agency, the CTIA has created voluntary best practices for SMS marketing to facilitate the exchange of messages while also protecting the consumer from unwanted communication.

These best practices outline the following:

  • Collecting consumer consent
  • Confirming that messaging and data rates may apply
  • Opt-Out Language
  • Links to Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy

and more!

You can find the full list of Best Practices here.

Note: If these guidelines are not followed, the CTIA can report you to wireless carriers and get your SMS marketing program suspended.

For more information on how Tone helps clients comply with CTIA guidelines, please see this helpful article.



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