Tone x Kustomer Integration Setup


Kustomer is a customer service CRM platform for managing high support volume effortlessly. 

By activating the Tone x Kustomer Integration, all your Tone opt-in and conversation data will be pulled into Kustomer, allowing you to manage your customer service stack under one roof. 

With this integration, you will be able to:

  1. Sync all opt-in and opt-out events
  2. View SMS conversations and messages directly in the Kustomer dashboard 
  3. Seamlessly transfer customers from Tone to Kustomer 

Getting Started

Step 1. Head over to the Integrations page in the Tone app.

Go ahead and click ADD INTEGRATION on the Kustomer card. This will take you to the Kustomer details page where you will need to add your API key.



Step 2. In a new tab, open up your Kustomer dashboard, and go to Settings.



Step 3. In the Settings menu, scroll down and click Security.



Step 4. In the Security dropdown menu, open up the API Keys page.



Step 5. On the API Keys page, click the + Add API Key button.



Step 6. Name your API Key "Tone Messaging" (or something similar as all your Tone conversations will be tagged with this name) and add the necessary Roles below. 

In the Roles field, add ALL of these roles:

  • org.permission.customer
  • org.permission.conversation
  • org.permission.message


Then, click the Create button. 


Step 7. Copy the entire token, and paste it into the API Key field in the Tone app. 


Click the ACTIVATE button, and you're all finished! 


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