Tone x Klaviyo Integration Setup


Klaviyo is an email marketing platform created for online businesses — featuring robust email and marketing automation and powerful segmentation tools.

By activating the Tone x Klaviyo Integration, all your Tone customer data and events will be pulled into Klaviyo, allowing you to segment based off their SMS behavior and interactions in tandem with the rest of your marketing stack.

With this integration, you will be able to:

  1. Sync all opt-in and opt-out events from Tone into Klaviyo customer profiles 
  2. View SMS messages sent and received, links clicked, order attributes, and other Tone events in the Klaviyo dashboard 
  3. Use Tone events to build segments in Klaviyo's segment builder
  4. Seamlessly sync all your Klaviyo lists & segments into Tone for use in SMS campaigns

Getting Started

Step 1. Head over to the Integrations page in the Tone app.

Go ahead and click ADD INTEGRATION on the Klaviyo card. This will take you to the Klaviyo details page where you will need to add your API key.


Step 2. In a new tab, open up your Klaviyo dashboard, and go to Account in the user dropdown menu.



Step 3. On the Account page, go to the Settings tab and click API Keys.



Step 4. On the API Keys page, click the Create API Key button.



Step 4. Copy the entire API key, and paste it into the API Key field in the Tone app.




Step 5. Click the Activate button. Once your integration is successfully activated, your Klaviyo lists and segments will appear in a list below. Sync any of the lists & segments you'd like to use in Tone using the toggles shown below. 6-1

Synced lists & segments will appear as options labeled [Klaviyo] on the Tone campaigns builder page, as well as on the Tone segments page.


Step 6 [OPTIONAL]: If you do not have SMS activated in Klaviyo - you must activate SMS in order to have SMS Consent properties on your Klaviyo Customer Profiles. Go to Account>>Settings>>SMS and enable SMS.


Please Note: 

  1. Subscribers must have an email address and phone number in their profile
  2. Subscribers must be opted in for SMS in either Klaviyo or Tone
  3. The segments automatically update every night at 3am EST
  4. Syncing may take a few minutes 

If your integration activation fails or other issues occur, please reach out to for additional help.