Setting up ReCharge Flows

To set up a ReCharge Flow, make sure you have the ReCharge integration enabled. Check out this helpful article on how to set up ReCharge integration.

Go to Flows in your dashboard.

Scroll down to the All Flows section and click on the blue Create New Flow button.

Once you click on Create New Flow, you will be prompted to choose and customize different ReCharge triggers along with the message content for each one.

You can view the Message Preview on the right-hand side in blue. As you edit your custom message, you will see the changes being made in the blue box.

The ReCharge Flow Trigger drop-down has four triggers:

Each trigger allows you to send a flow message to your customers based on a particular action:

  • ReCharge: Subscription Activated: Your customer will receive an automated message when their subscription is activated.
  • Recharge: Subscription Canceled: Your customer will receive an automated message when the subscription is canceled.
  • Recharge: Failed Charge: Your customer will receive an automated message if/when a charge fails.
  • Recharge: Upcoming Payment: Your customer will receive an automated message when they have an upcoming payment due. 

You can customize each of these Flow Trigger messages individually to say exactly what you want based on the trigger.

You can pick your opt-out language that will be included as well via the Opt-Out dropdown menu.

You can also add as many messages as you want to your Flow message by clicking on + message. 

For each flow message, you can also add a custom message delay time and exit criteria.

Message Delay

The message delay can be in minutes, hours, or days but keep in mind that the maximum time delay is 180 days. 

Exit Criteria

There are two choices for exit criteria (these are optional and can be added between any messages in the sequence after the initial message)

  • On order - the customer is exited out of the flow if they place an order.
  • On reply - the customer is exited out of the flow if they reply to the thread.

Once you're done and satisfied with your flow message, click Create Flow.

You will see the new flow enabled under the All Flows table.

If you have a flow enabled using a ReCharge trigger and you disable your ReCharge integration, we will automatically turn off the flow.


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