ReCharge x Tone Integration FAQ

What does the code snippet do? 

When your customers purchase or begin to purchase one of your ReCharge products, it will actually bring them through ReCharge’s own custom checkout process rather than Shopify’s (or whichever eCommerce platform you use). 

The code snippet puts a checkbox and required opt-in language below the Phone Number field on the ReCharge checkout page that allows your customers to opt-in for text messages while remaining TCPA compliant. 

This is similar to the initial checkout setup you went through when first installing the Tone app. 

Please do not skip this step as it ensures your store is TCPA compliant. 


What happens after I activate the integration?

After activating the integration in Step 1, ReCharge and Tone will begin to exchange data. Tone will be able to know when your customers begin a ReCharge checkout and if they abandon. Once Tone receives information that an abandoned checkout has occurred, we will send out your usual Checkout Recovery text message. 

Please note: we cannot use Tone discount codes with your ReCharge checkout recovery messages. Therefore, the message sent out to ReCharge abandoned carts will be your non-discount initial message. It can be edited here (select "No discount" from the dropdown menu). 

If you would like to use a ReCharge discount code, please contact us


How do I edit the message sent out for ReCharge checkout recovery?

The default message for your ReCharge checkout recovery messages will be your non-discount initial message. 

To view/edit this message, you can click here (select "No discount" from the dropdown menu).  

Or, you can go to Checkout Recovery > Initial Message and select “No discount” from the drop down menu. 


Can I/How do I add a discount code to my messages?

Tone discounts are currently only compatible with the Shopify checkout process. To use a ReCharge discount code in your Tone messages, please click here to contact us and provide ALL of the following information:


Code Info
• Code:
• One time usage code or recurring usage code:
• Code type (% off, $ off, Free Shipping, Buy __, Get ___, etc):
• Value:

• Country:
• Products:
• Minimum Spend Required:
• Active Dates:


Once we receive your code information, our senders will be able to use it for your ReCharge conversations.


Can I create more flows using other ReCharge triggers (i.e. subscription cancellations, upcoming charges, etc.)?

Yes, if you have the ReCharge integration enabled, you can set up more flows by going to the Flows tab in your dashboard. You can also check out this helpful article on Flows and setup here.


Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at