How do I set up the opt-in pop-up button?

For stores outside of Shopify, please email us at for help with configuration. 

The Opt-in button is a great way to capture more subscribers while they are browsing your website! 

To set up your Opt-in Pop-up Button, go to your Tone dashboard and click on the Opt-in Button tab.

Click on Configure to begin setting up your Opt-In Pop-Up button.

First, you will be prompted to Configure Sign Up Offer.


Here you can customize the message that customers will receive once they enter their phone number into the pop-up field.  Many customers choose to offer a discount here, but you can also simply offer assistance if you wish! (8)

When you select the option to Offer Discount, you can either choose an existing discount code from the Select a Code drop-down or you can create a new discount code by clicking on Create New Code.

You can customize your message in the Message Text  box and preview it in the blue box on the right.


Once you're satisfied with the content of your sign-up offer, click Next.

Next, you will Configure your Opt-in and customize the colors as well as the language that appears when the pop-up is generated.


The Opt-in Pop-up has the following three parts:

1. Button: The button is the box that shows on your website for your customers to click on and enter their phone numbers. You can configure the colors as well as customize the text based on the discount code offered. When set up is completed, this button will appear in the lower left-hand corner of your website.

Please be sure the colors selected for Button Back Color and Button Text Color are different from each other.  Upon selecting the Button Back Color field you will be able to choose from a variety of colors.


2. Form: This is the form that will pop up once the customer clicks the Button on your website. 


3. Submit Button: This button is located inside of the Opt-in Form and confirms consent to receive marketing text messages. When they enter their phone number and click the button, they will receive the text message that you customized in Step 1. 

Next, you can choose to enable or disable Exit Intent by selecting the provided checkbox.  If enabled, you can also customize the text that will generate via the Exit Intent Text field

Enabling Exit Intent is a clever way to entice customers to come back to the Opt-in pop-up to sign up.  If the customer attempts to close the pop-up, or leave your website, before entering their number the pop up will generate again with the Exit Intent Text showing. (9)


Then customize your Thank You message via the Success State Text field

This message will display when your customer submits their phone number.

When you are satisfied with your Opt-in Configuration, hit Next.

Your Opt-in pop up button is now all set!

As a final step, please copy the Messaging Terms & Conditions language provided into your Terms and Conditions page for your customers and you're good to go!


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