How do I create/deactivate a discount code?

For stores outside of Shopify, please email us at for assistance on this. 

There are two ways to create or deactivate a discount code from your Tone dashboard:

1. Via Checkout Recovery: To create or deactivate a code from the Checkout Recovery, go to Checkout Recovery>Discounts.

2. Via Discounts from the drop-down menu: To create or deactivate a discount code via the discount drop-down, click on the settings icon on the top right side of your screen.

From the drop-down menu, select Discounts. (3)

If you have not created a discount code yet, you will see no active discounts reflected, with the option to create a new code

To deactivate or activate an existing code, simply check/uncheck the box under the Active In SMS column. (6)

If you want to change an existing code, you can do so by clicking on Change Code under the Edit column.

To create a new code, click on the blue Create New Code.

You will then be prompted to create the code you would like activated by entering the code itself and selecting the % or the amount off that will be applied. (5)

Then select Create Code and your new code will be ready and activated!

You can also make special requests regarding when to offer a discount by emailing us at or by getting in touch with your designated account manager. Special requests can include, but are not limited to:

  • Excluding certain products that are not eligible for a discount, such as “discounts not applicable to sale items”.
  • Setting a minimum or maximum cart value, such as “only offer a discount for carts over $200” or "offer code XYZ for carts between $50-$100 and code ABC for carts between $101-$150."
  • A workflow to only offer a discount after 4/5 messages have been exchanged between the customer and our Superhuman team.