How can I leave feedback for the Tone Superhumans?

We encourage leaving feedback as much as possible because it lets Tone Superhumans know what to work on as well as how to best align our tone with that of your company.


To leave feedback for Tone Superhumans, go to your Tone dashboard and select Overview.

Under Overview, scroll down to Conversations and you will see the Review tab.



You can edit the date range on top of the Overview tab. This allows you to see conversations from the date range selected. You can also switch to the All tab under conversations to see all conversations, in case there's a specific one you're looking to review. 


Once you click on a number, you will see the conversation associated with it appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Below the message sent by the Superhuman team, you will see the option of give feedback.



Once you click on give feedback, a drop-down menu will appear.



Depending on the feedback, you can click on any one of them.

Great job lets the Superhumans know that they’re on the right track and doing a good job.

Needs work lets Superhumans know that incorrect information has been provided.

Just a note allows you to leave any comment or additional information regarding a particular question/message.


Once you click on any one of the options from the drop-down, it will prompt another screen allowing you to add any further comments regarding your feedback. For instance, if you click on needs work, you will see this box appear:



You can choose the category for your feedback and enter notes for our SuperHumans’ reference.



Once you hit submit, the Superhuman team will be able to view your feedback and work on any improvements needed.


Need support? We’re happy to help! Please contact us directly at