Frequently Asked Questions

Topics Covered:

  • Pricing/Billing
  • Attribution
  • Opt-Out
  • Opt-In
  • Messaging/Discounts
  • Campaigns


How is the recommended plan calculated?

The recommended plan is based on the abandoned checkout volume for your account for the previous 30 days.  This is combined with our expected opt-in and response rate to estimate the number of messages you will need. 

If I upgrade my plan in the middle of the month, will I get charged again? 

No, you will not get double charged. You will simply pay a prorated rate based on where you are in your billing cycle.

Do unused messages roll over to the next billing period?

No, unused messages will not roll over to the billing period.

How do overages work?

After your 14 day free trial, you will select a plan that includes a specific number of messages for each billing period.  If you exceed that number of messages, you will incur an overage fee per additional message used.  Overage fees will be charged daily.  You can view the cost breakdown for each additional message on the Billing tab of your dashboard.

Please note, before you exceed your plan you will receive emails from us when you are at 80%, 90% & 95% of your plan as a reminder.



Where can I see attributed orders?

From your dashboard, select the Orders tab and filter for the specific timeframe you wish to review.



Am I able to manually add a number to the Do Not Contact list?

Yes!  To manually add a number to the Do Not Contact list, please select Campaigns > Details from your dashboard.  Then choose Add Manually under Subscriber Stats, enter in the desired number and select Submit.  This user will no longer be contacted. 

What happens if a customer opts out of receiving messages?

If a customer replies to an abandoned checkout or campaign message asking to no longer be contacted, our team will respond confirming that they have been removed and place them on the Do Not Contact list so they no longer receive any messages.



Is it possible for the opt-in pop-up button to only appear on one page?

At this time, you are not able to select a single page for the opt-in pop-up.  When configured, the pop-up button will appear on all pages.

However, by disabling "Exit Intent" during configuration you can prevent the pop-up from generating repeatedly.  Doing this will cause the pop-up to appear only once the customer taps the button in the left-hand corner of your website.



What hours does Tone send out checkout recovery messages?

Tone Superhumans are available to answer your customers' questions 24/7! The checkout recovery messages are sent out from 8 am - 12 am everyday.

Why do I need to create a discount code when setting up my Tone account?

During account setup, you will be prompted to create a discount code.  This is because we want to ensure that all shops have the ability to offer a discount when needed.  You are not required to keep the discount code activated and can disable it as soon as you complete set up of your account.

What if I do not want to offer a discount for checkout recovery? 

If you do not want to offer a discount, you can deactivate them. To do so, select Checkout Recovery > Discounts on your dashboard.  Then uncheck each discount code under the Active in SMS column to deactivate them. Note: Once your discount is deactivated, you will want to update your Initial Message.

What is the best discount to offer?

Our most successful stores use a discount code that is slightly better than those currently available via email or through other channels. We have found that increasing the code by 2% points is all it takes for the customer to feel extra special! This means, if your current best discount is 10% off, we would recommend offering a 12% discount through Tone.

Are the codes you provide limited to a single-use?

Tone does not generate single-use codes. If you would prefer a single-use code, you can generate it on your end and provide it to our team.

How do we ensure that people are not sharing codes?

Tone actively monitors code sharing. If we detect a spike in code usage that does not correlate to conversations our team is having with your customers, our system will flag that particular discount code. If we find that the code is being widely shared (on a coupon site), we will get in touch with you directly to ensure the code is deactivated and a new one is created.

Can we exclude certain countries from receiving texts?

Yes, you are able to exclude certain countries from receiving checkout recovery messages! To do so, please reach out to us at confirming which countries you would like to block.  Please note, we do not have the ability to exclude customers in specific countries from receiving campaign messages. 

Who are your agents? 

We have a team of SuperHuman live agents that are specifically sourced and trained to respond on behalf of your brand within 5 minutes. 

How are your agents able to respond appropriately when a customer asks a question about my brand or products?

We build a dynamic knowledge base for all of our brands that our agents reference when responding to your customers.  If we do not have the answer already, and cannot find the answer via your website, we will contact your CS team for clarification.  Once the answer is received, we document it in the knowledge base for future inquiries.

We also offer the ability for you to leave feedback directly on individual conversations in the app.  This allows our team to adjust in real-time when needed.



When sending a GIF with my campaign, does it count as an MMS message and a standard SMS message, or only MMS? 

Sending a GIF in your campaign will count as only an MMS message. 

What is the maximum length an SMS campaign can be? 

An SMS campaign must be 160 characters or less in order for it to count as a single message. Please note, special characters or emojis count as numerous characters and will likely push you past that character count.  This will cause the campaign to be sent as numerous messages. If you would like to send a longer campaign message, we recommend utilizing MMS as the character count is unlimited.  Before scheduling your campaign, you will be able to view a preview of your message and confirm how many messages it will be sent as.

I’m currently on a free trial and it will not let me send my campaign. Why?

During a free trial, you are only able to send the number of messages included in your recommended plan.  If your campaign exceeds that number of messages, you will not be able to send it.  If you wish to send a larger campaign please go to the Billing tab and select a larger plan.  This will not affect your free trial.


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