Creating custom segments

Customize any default segment as well as create as many custom segments as your brand needs!

With Tone Segments, you will be able to: 

  1. Create New Segments Based on Customizable Rules
  2. Edit and Delete Segments 
  3. View Key Metrics for Each Segment
  4. Utilize Segments in Campaign Builder

    Getting Started

    Step 1. Go to the Segments Page in the Tone app. 

    Once in the segments Page click the + button and then click Custom. This will take you to the custom segment creation page. 

    1-Apr-02-2021-05-25-40-24-PMStep 2. Once in the Create New Segment page you can create custom rules with multiple conditions and And/Or functions. 

    **Please Note** the format for the following rules: 

    - Customer City: the city name, i.e. Boston

    Customer State: the two letter code, i.e. MA

    Two Letter Country Code: the two letter code, i.e. UK


    Our key metrics will calculate in real time - helping you to create the best possible segment!


    Step 3. Select CREATE SEGMENT to save segment. 

    4-Apr-02-2021-05-25-39-98-PMStep 4. After creating the segment you can edit or delete the segment at anytime. 

    5-Apr-02-2021-05-25-39-82-PMYou can also use readily available key metrics on each segment to help drive decision making. 

    6-3Step 6. Go to Campaigns > Create Campaign to use your new segments!



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