Campaigns Dashboard Overview

Checking your campaign dashboard from time to time can be very helpful. It provides useful insight into how your campaigns have performed and gives actionable data to make changes accordingly.

To check your overall campaign stats, select Campaigns>Dashboard from the left-hand side of your Tone dashboard.

Check out this article on how to create your own campaign.

Change the Start Date and End Date to your desired date range to get an overview of how many campaigns you sent and much more! (16)

Depending on the dates selected, you can check the following stats for that timeframe:

Campaigns Sent: the number of campaigns sent.

Customers Reached: the number of customers reached.

Avg. Texts Exchanged Per Conversation: the average number of texts exchanged per conversation. You can also review each campaign conversation by scrolling down to the Conversations tab. 

Total Sales: total sales generated from the number of campaigns sent.

Return on Investment: percentage of return generated on the investment.

Link Clicks: the number of clicks generated from the campaigns sent. 

Orders: the number of orders placed as a result of the campaigns sent.

Average Order Value: the average order amount in dollars.

Opt-Out Rate: the percentage of customers who opted out from receiving texts.


Scroll down on the same page to review all the campaign conversations our Superhuman team has engaged in with your customers.

You can click on each of these and provide your feedback where necessary. Check out how to do that in this helpful article. 

Refer to this article if you want to see how a specific campaign performed. 


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