Best SMS Campaign Practices and Recommendations

When you are running a business, it is a given that you need to send marketing text messages to your target audience. A survey conducted on over 6,000 consumers revealed that a whopping 85% were interested in receiving SMS messages from all sorts of brands. However, it is also important to note that 65% of people who subscribed to SMS marketing, later unsubscribed from it. Their reasons range from a huge volume of messages being sent to poor content of the messages.

So, what can you do to ensure you continue growing your subscriber list and improve your SMS conversion rates?

Here are the finest SMS campaign practices for you to implement and boost your sales.

Obtain Your Customer’s Consent

The first thing to consider when starting a text marketing campaign is to attain your customer’s consent, which means they agree to receive promotional messages from us. To properly set this up, refer to our Compliance section here.

Send a Consistent Number of Text Messages

Arguably, the biggest mistake many businesses are guilty of when practicing SMS marketing is being inconsistent with sending enough messages.

The main reason behind this inconsistency is not to spam the customers. This is of course understandable, but you also have to keep in mind that only consistent efforts will help you gain recognition in your audience’s subconscious mind. A great way to ensure your customers are not scammed is to turn on Smart Send. You can read more about it in this helpful article.

If you don’t consistently send enough SMS messages to your potential and existing customers, they will soon forget about you and when they do receive a message from you after a long hiatus, it is likely they won’t pay attention to it.

On the other hand, sending your customers regular messages keeps them aware of your business and hooked to it. They start expecting a message from you and are likely to positively respond to the CTA (call-to-action) embedded in it when they receive the message.

Provide Value to Your Customers

Text messages sent too often are considered spam only when they fail to provide any value to your customers. Remember, by giving us their mobile phone numbers, your customers are trusting us with the most personal means of communicating with them. So, it’s important to value and respect it by using this medium well.

To do this, add some element of exclusivity and value to your messages. Avoid sending the same message that you add to your social media posts and email newsletters. Instead, come up with something fresh and catchy. Most customers are looking to get first dibs on attractive discounts and flash sales, so be sure to include them in your SMS messages.

Personalize Your SMS Strategy

This strategy is piggy-backing on the previous one. To offer greater value to your customers via SMS marketing, consider personalizing the messages you send to them. Use features such as segments and custom fields to send relevant messages to your subscribers. Here’s a helpful article on creating customer segments.

Be Responsive

This is where the Tone Superhuman team comes in and provides the value and service your customers require. By providing an instant communication platform, we open two-way communication that ensures your customers get their questions answered and issues resolved.

Start working on these areas consistently to ensure your next SMS campaign proves to be a massive hit!


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