How do customers opt-in to receive messages?

There are several ways a customer can opt-in to receive SMS messages!

1) During checkout, the customer can enter in their phone number and check the opt-in checkbox! 


NOTE: It is very important to include opt-in language at checkout for compliance.  For steps on how to do this, please see this helpful article!

2) If you have configured the opt-in pop up button, the customer can submit their phone number via the pop up!



3) If you are using LiveText, the customer can text your phone number and confirm that they would like to receive messages.



4) If you are Shopify Plus account, the customer can enter in their phone number at checkout and select an additional opt-in checkbox to receive messages.  4-Apr-02-2021-05-38-27-02-PM

You can find steps for how to set this up here!


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